Mars Trading International

Mars Trading International is one of the leading Import & Indenting House in Bangladesh and one of the leading indenter of  Fish Meal & Fish Oil which is used as an ingredient in feed stuff in the aquaculture, poultry and dairy industries. Bringing different aspects and concepts to World Trade & Businesses, we are working with our believe that repetition can only be done by honest, hard working and seeking the complete satisfaction for our customers. We invite you to learn more about who we are, and why we are different.


What we are Doing :

With the globalization of trade and commerce MTI is also involved to introduce Bangladeshi products in the world market and also to introduce the international products in the local market being as a manufacturer, importer, vendor, commission agent and also with joint venture with other organizations of the world. MTI is also a major gateway of international products into Bangladesh. The main strength behind MTI(s) success is our experienced & technical human resources, product quality, after sales service, total customer satisfaction and full comprehensive warranty for product depending on the products and service.

Now a days we Indent & Import  Fish Meal & Fish Oil  manufactured by Mukka Sea Food Industries Pvt Ltd, Mangalore, India, one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of the same, not only in India but also in International markets especially Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Sri-lanka, Russia. We hope to enlarge our client base year on year.

Client/International Exposure:

•    ACI Godrej Agrovet (Pvt) Ltd-Dhaka
•    Paragon Hatchery Ltd-Dhaka
•    Nourish Poultry & Hatchery Ltd-Dhaka
•    Biswas Poultry Ltd-Dhaka
•    SMS Feeds-Dhaka
•    National Feeds Ltd-Dhaka
•    Kazi-Farms Group-Dhaka
•    Quality Feeds Ltd-Dhaka
•    Agro Industrial Trust (AIT) Dhaka
•    Spectra Hexa Feeds Ltd.-Dhaka

Our Products :

o    Fish Meal
o    Refined Fish Oil
o    Centrifuge Fish Oil
o    Fish Soluble Paste
o    Shrimp Head Meal
o    Raw Dried Shrimp Head