MSFI (Bangladesh) Ltd.

MSFI (Banglladesh) Ltd  is a India-Bangladesh Joint Venture Company with 49% Stake Holdings of Mukka Sea Food Industries Pvt Ltd ,Mangalore, India, one of the leading manufacturer & exporter  of Fish Meal and Fish Oil in modern fully mechanized fish meal and oil plant situated on the coastal line of Mangalore City. All product of MSFIPL is a well reputed firm with a track record of many years. We basically focus on the quality of our product and quality means all, to us. All our products are scientifically tested and manufactured .Our experienced  and qualified quality experts ensure the quality and reliability of our products.

What we are Doing :

Manufacturing & Exporting of 100 % Steam Sterilized Fish Meal, Fish Oil and other Bi-Product. Today Mukka sea food industries Pvt Ltd has become a reputed name in the international fish meal market. The largest manufacturers and Exporters of fish meal and fish oil in India.Our business venture is also extended to manufacture of high quality fish meal and Omega-3 fish oil which is used in aqua feed, poultry feed, pet feed, EPA-DHA extraction, soap manufacture, leather tanneries, & paint industries across the globe.

Client/International Exposure :

We have clients spread all across the world. Our Products are accepted and appreciated not only in Bangladesh but also in International markets Especially Japan,, Korea, China, Taiwan, Srilanka, Russia. We hope to enlarge our client base year on year.

Products :
•    Fish Meal
•    Fish Soluble Paste
•    Refined Fish Oil
•    Centrifuge Fish Oil
•    Shrimp Head & Shell Meal


 Manufacturing Process at a glance: