MARS Group always thinking for growth and for that we always keep all of our Wing(s) to move freely into the world of trade. We believe to get growth by providing world class satisfaction to our customers. We support the Quotes “There is no barrier on this earth, Only to find opportunity”

Keeping all above in mind MARS Group diversified its business as :

  • Trading
  • Import & Export
  • Multi-Disciplinary Consulting and Advertising

Our Trading wing is more than just a trading company and offers its customers world class quality of product  through import with additional services which a customer should deserve. As a Trading House we always tries to serve our customers in many ways and is therefore always prepared to investigate and provide tailor-made solutions to its customers. We also specialized in sustainable import of quality Feed Ingredients and Feed Products, through a worldwide network of sources. Our import based trading wings supplies the high standard feed raw materials in numerous varieties that are ISO certified. It is our mission to provide the industry with high quality , sustainable and safe feed ingredient.

Our Export wing also offer customers the best product with short time delivery. Ultimately, we aim to be a partner that consistently exceeds customer expectations. We also actively seek out opportunities to develop and participate in new business, in collaboration with strategic partners. Our export products is also being introduced worldwide by this small pamphlet and it is fully prepared to promote business ties with foreign suppliers, manufactures.  It has a highly qualified & strong technical & marketing team for its different products. Its establishment and swift rise to prominence in the business arena is due to its prompt, proper and skillful handling of all matters with courteous attention.

Beyond above, Our advertising wing provides strategic communications services that enable our clients to build strong relationships with its corporate clients and to enhance corporate and brand reputation and to bring about the desired outcome in its sales and marketing. Our advertising and communication wing specialize in helping companies communicate: within the public sphere, with their customers, and with their employees and stakeholders. For any project, in any media, it all comes down to what we communicate about that client’s brand. How we say it. Who we say it to. And what others say once they get our message.

And lastly our Consultancy wing provides professional and specialist services to their clients from both local and international market to ensure international standard of professional practices. Our consultancy  wing was established to provide expert services in different fields, specially feasibility study, demonstration, policy making, development strategy fixation, financial and accounting advisory services to its valued clients. For this reason the firm has assembled a number of RMG Sector Expert , RMG Survey Expert, Labour Law Expert, Socio-Economic Consultants, Project Experts, Management Consultants, Qualified Chartered Accountants, Cost & Management Accountants, Financial Analysts, Policy Analysts, Economist, Development Specialists, Educationalist, Qualitative & Quantitative Surveyors and so on to develop its business. Till Now our consultancy wing  has completed over one hundred jobs in RMG Sector, National & International Organizations, Government, Autonomous and Private Organizations.