The Technocrate & Associates Ltd.

Mission :

To keep pace with global growth and development in technology and  professionalism with high ethical standard.

Vision :

To be recognized as one of the best professional services provider in Local & International Market.

What we are Doing :

The Technocrate & Associates Ltd (TTAL) is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm incorporated in 1998 as a private limited company. TTALs objective is to provide professional and specialist services to their clients from both local and international market to ensure international standard of professional practices. The firm was established to provide expert services in different fields, specially feasibility study, demonstration, policy making, development strategy fixation, financial and accounting advisory services to its valued clients. For this reason the firm has assembled a number of RMG Sector Expert , RMG Survey Expert, Labour Law Expert, Socio-Economic Consultants, Project Experts, Management Consultants, Qualified Chartered Accountants, Cost & Management Accountants, Financial Analysts, Policy Analysts, Economist, Development Specialists, Educationalist, Qualitative & Quantitative Surveyors and so on to develop its business. Till Now TTAL has completed over one hundred jobs in RMG Sector, National & International Organizations, Government, Autonomous and Private Organizations. The firm also carried out inventory, Valuation, Survey, Policy Preparations. Valuation of fixed Assets & stores.

The Technocrate & Associates Ltd. is associated with M/S NURUL AZIM & CO CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS & M/S ENGINEERS ASSOCIATES LTD (MANAGEMENT & ENGINEERING CONSULTANT) to enhance its qualities and strength.

Our Specialization :

TTAL specializes and renders comprehensive professional services in the following sectors :

–    Financial Management and Business Analysis
–    Business Valuation
–    Corporate Finance
–    Project Studies
–    IT & Software Development
–    Restructuring, Merger and Acquisition
–    Manuals and Systems Design
–    Human Resources and Training
–    Portfolio Evaluation and Credit Review
–    Institutional Review
–    Economic Appraisal of Project
–    Financial Viability of Project
–    Development Project Appraisal
–    Preparation of Project Profile
–    Cost Sharing & Scheme Preparation
–    Project Cost and Economic Analysis
–    Cost Recovery
–    Organizational Appraisal of Project
–    Human Resource Development
–    Infrastructure Development Plan
–    O & M Training, Competency Based Training
–    Monitoring Evaluation and Feed Back
–    Rapid Assessment of Various Agencies Services
–    Project Implementation Arrangement
–    Event Management
–    Organizational Analysis and Development
–    Human Resources Development

Computer Applications and Solutions :

TTAL offers a wide range of computer related services. The present activities of the firm cover the following areas :

–    System Development and Analysis
–    Software Development
–    Customized user friendly software design
–    Mathematical Modeling
–    Computer Aided Design, Drawing and Drafting
–    Digitizing of Drawings and Maps
–    Project Management and Monitoring
–    Database Application
–    Computer Training
–    Data Entry
–    Data Analysis
–    Management Information System
–    Personnel Information System
–    Distribution Information System
–    Geographical Information System
–    Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System

Civil Engineering :

TTAL also offers the following services in the field of Civil Engineering :

–    Feasibility Study
–    Infrastructure Development Plan
–    Preparation of Master Plan
–    Maintenance Plan
–    Structural Design and Plan
–    Tender Documentation
–    Construction Management and Supervision
–    Roads and Highways

Irrigation and Water Resources :

TTAL also covers a wide range of activities in the following fields of specification:

–    Feasibility Studies
–    Irrigation Systems Management
–    Irrigation Rehabilitation and Design
–    Water Resources Planning
–    Ground and Surface Water Studies
–    Hydro-Meteorological Network Planning and Design
–    Flood Control and Drainage
–    Soil and Water Conservation
–    Agricultural and Agronomy
–    Management Information System
–    Livestock and Fisheries
–    Sub-project Identification, Classification and Ranking
–    Environment Assessment
–    Resettlement Action Plan
–    Physical Improvement
–    Rehabilitation Program
–    Economic Analysis

Environmental And Public Health Engineering, Population, Family Planning and Social Welfare :

TTAL ‘s experienced and services offer in the field include :

–    Environmental Assessment, Impact Statements
–    Urban and Rural Water Supply
–    Urban Drainage and Sewerage
–    Industrial Waste Disposal
–    General Sanitation
–    Survey and Recommendation of Improved Health, Family Planning Services Facilities
–    Focus Group Discussion
–    Market Management
–    Cottage Industry Feasibility Study
–    Research and Development
–    Co-operatives among Rural Poor
–    Infrastructure Development Plan
–    Development Plan for Medical Education
–    Training